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Do you want to be part of my experiment? The idea for this “melancholy skeleton comic that will also become the Tarot” arrived in my life and has since snuggled comfortably inside my guts like a purring kitten that can and WILL gnaw my face off. And by that I mean, “being creative” is both a joyful activity and something that will kill my soul if I let it.

So let’s not let it!

By subscribing, in theory you will:

  • Bathe in my blundering mistakes and celebrate my fist pumps.

  • Witness my vulnerable “is this something?” rhetorical rhetoric.

  • Feel better about yourself and whisper, “I’m so glad I decided not to be creative today… what a heartbreaking and debilitating chore!”

  • Experience the inspirational power of progress at a snail’s pace.

  • Step confidently onto the ground floor of what could be an EPIC creative adventure for both of us.

  • Be there for me — a human, like you — just trying to do the one thing that separates us from the animals: Explore philosophical ideas using a tragic comedic skeleton with the help the of 1s and 0s that make the interwebs possible.

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Can a comic become Tarot? Can that become a novel? Let's find out! Follow the weird adventures of melancholy skeleton with a sad secret (and the artist who's forging the way).


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